Super Scope HI Soldering Iron 12V


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12V Superscope HI SERIES Soldering Irons 30W-150W


  • Operates from Car or Tractor battery
  • Wattage 30W to 150W whilst soldering
  • Fast heating, 200°C in 3 seconds
  • Easy owner maintenance
  • 12 Volt safety outdoor
  • 6 metre lead

 HI – 12V SUPERSCOPE / Boxed Orange Handle

HI-BL – 12V SUPERSCOPE / Black Handle

  • Please ring or email to purchase the following accessories:

    12V SUPERSCOPE uses the same spare parts as SS with the exception of Flex Lead 6 metres with battery clips.

    SC1A: Copper Tip 6.4mm Flat

    SC1B: Copper Tip 3.2mm Conical

    SC2: Stainless Barrel

    SC3: Carbon Element

    SC4: Bead Retaining Nut

    SC5: Ceramic Bead

    SC6: Push Rod

    SC7: Return Spring

    SC8: Flexible Lead

    SC8A: 6m Flexible Lead

    SC9: Front Lock Nut for SS/BL

    SC10: Brass Nut for SS

    SC11A: Handle for SS/BL

    SC12: Switch Ring for SS/BL

    SC13: Rubber Grip for SS/BL

    SC14: Grommet Spring for SS/BL

    SC15: Grommet Nut for SS/BL

    SC16A: Handle for SS

    SC17: Switch Ring for SS

    SC18: Front Lock Nut for SS

    SC19: Rear Grommet Nut for SS 

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