Watts News - May 2017

by Paul Callaway on May 01, 2017

May 2017 Watt’s News

Once again this year appears to be flying bye, but at least May should give us a good run at getting things done with no public holidays in sight.  The good part about all the days off though, is of course having more time to spend with family and friends, and while Easter is still sacred to some, it’s an excuse for most people I know to eat chocolate for breakfast and to attend Good Friday Appeal functions to raise money. ANZAC Day though, gets bigger every year and is now seen across the land as a great day of celebration and remembrance with a footy game thrown in for us all to enjoy.  So while industry suffers a bit, seeing Collingwood lose their blockbuster, Carlton keep Jimmy’s Swans on the bottom of the ladder and Adelaide take the wind out of the Richmond, April really turned out to be a fantastic month. 


Tax Time Coming Up:

Our accountant has reminded us to get as many of our creditor bills paid before the end of financial year so we can claim it back straight away.  So I thought I would pass on his sage advice in the hope you could take advantage of it as well.  So please pay your accounts on time so we can pay ours.  Thanks in advance.


James will be running about a week behind this month as he catches up from last month, but promises to see you all, so fill up the biscuit tin and put the kettle on, while he gets your stock back in order.


As you might have noticed, we haven’t had any big sales recently, but we just haven’t found any deals to spark your interest.  Keep watching though, because we have some irons in the fire.


Day 4: Last day of the show and last night in China.

I am now the official tour leader, as my lack of internal compass can’t be any worse than James’ broken one.  We finished off the last few buildings in record time, which allowed us to have our first exhibition tent beer of the week. So after a few light refreshments....., I got us to the train and hotel without one wrong turn, which in fairness to James, wasn’t too difficult by now.  Back at the Hotel we had one last swim to refresh our legs and soon headed out for what could be a long walk as I was determined to locate that bar. I steered us left, opposite to James’ usual route and not 300 meters into our walk we were at the entrance of the long lost bar from the first night.  Mmm; literally just around the corner.  Not thirsty from the journey this time, but very dry from the laughter at just how far off track we’d walked in our week long search, we finally stood at the bar with drinks in hand.  Over the next few hours the place was filled up with people and we joined up with some English speaking German’s, and an Irishman who had great stories to tell.  I tried to take in his wit for some Watt’s News jokes, but after consuming a drink named the ‘Atomic Bomb’, I can’t even remember if we ate dinner that night; so sorry, you are stuck with mine. Anyway, around closing time, James had disappeared, so I followed my new Irish friend to another bar to continue hydrating, but if James asks, I looked for him for ages. As I walked from the first bar to the second, the Chinese workers were showing off their efficiency again as they started ripping up 300 meters of road which was actually completely resurfaced by morning for the peak hour traffic.  At their pace, East Link could have been done within a month.  Anyway sometime in the early hours I got back to the hotel room and thankfully James was in, or more accurately, on his bed; fully dressed with both feet on the floor and fast asleep on his back. Phew, given we are leaving tomorrow, I was glad he found his own way home or I might have had some explaining to do.  I left him there wondering what route he took, the 300 meters or 4 kilometres, but seeing he was too tired to even get his shoes off, I know which one I’m betting on. 


I hope you have enjoyed the stories of our November trip, and have a great month!


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