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Watts News - June 2017

Watts News - June 2017

June 2017 Watt’s News 

Before writing the word June in this edition of Watts News, I was pretty sure winter was officially here, because my 16 y/o son wore long pants for the first time this year.  Also with the amount of cable, lights and accessory plugs we have sent out recently, I can only assume you have all been finishing off Grey Nomad setups so they can head north to avoid the cold.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be so young that you don’t notice the cold, or better still, old enough to feel it, but not too old that you can’t escape from it. 


Brighter Days Foundation Cheque Presentations: 

As you know, with your help, Jay-Dee’s raised money for the Brighter Days Foundation and I was lucky enough to go along to the cheque presentations a few weeks back. The foundation raised $300,000 in total, with two cheques of $120,000 going to the Cooper Trewin Foundation and DEBRA Australia.  The remaining $60,000 went to the EB Research Foundation. Thanks to everyone who contributed to these great causes.


Jay-Dee’s Goes New Age

Our new website is nearly ready to go, with a more detailed product information layout and easier to navigate catalogue.  We are hoping to finish trials this month and then release it on the World Wide Web thingy in early July. So please keep an eye out for the changes to


Saturday trading ends in June:

As mentioned in earlier additions of Watt’s News, Saturday the 24th of June will be our last day of weekend trading.  Trading hours will be Monday to Friday 8.00a.m. - 5.00p.m.


Joke of the month

An older gentleman was recovering in hospital, still slightly under the affects of the anaesthetic, when the nurse pulls the privacy curtain around in order to give him a sponge bath.  As she was preparing the soap and water, the man says through slurred speech, “Arrre my tes.r...cles black?” The nurse continued her duties in silence, ignoring the question and starts washing his hands and arms.  He again asks, “Are my test..r..clets black?” The nurse sits the man up in bed, still not answering and proceeds to wash his chest and back.  He asks again, this time a bit louder.  The nurse finally responds and says that she is just here to give the sponge bath, not to do an examination. The man shakes his head and asks, “Sheck wi.. the dic...arrrrea, see if my test...r..clets are black!”  This time with a little more than impatience the nurse pulls the sheets back and begins feeling around and closely examining the man’s private area.  Moments into her examination the doctor walks in and says,

“Sorry to interrupt your work nurse, but I believe Mr Collins is anxious to get his test results back!”


Remember to speak clearly, listen closely and have a great month


Jay-Dee’s will be closed for Stock Take on Friday the 23rd of June. 

No orders will be taken or shipped on that day.

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