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Watts News - July 2017

Watts News - July 2017

July 2017 Watt’s News    

Happy New Year, financially speaking! For most of us, it’s not nearly as exciting as the New Calendar Year celebrations, but I guess that’s because we are not accountants.  To them, it seems better than the Grand Final, Christmas Day and Birthdays all rolled into one.  I guess that’s because it’s their busiest time of year, but when we told our accountant that we had not only completed our stock-take, replaced our oldest computer and paid some bills before June 30, he seemed genuinely excited. I hope this means we will somehow be better off for it, but I suspect he really just needs to get out more. 


Jay-Dee Online goes Live: 

As of the start of July, our new retail website is now up and running.  While our main focus will still be toward supplying our loyal customers with the best products at competitive prices, our hope is that this new site will help us increase stock turnover and further strengthen our position with suppliers going forward. As you know, our specialty lies in getting the small terminals and connectors that everyone needs, but has trouble finding and the only way to meet the ever increasing Minimum Order Quantities from our suppliers is to buy and sell more of them. 

Please Visit: www.jaydeeautocables.com.au



After Stock-Take Sale:

We are overstocked on some mixed colors of Trace Cable and Thin Wall Trace Cable that are no longer classed as stock items for one reason or another. See below for cable sizes and color ranges available.





Joke of the Month

Late one night, a burglar broke into a house after staking it out and waiting for the owners to leave.  He stealthily jemmied a window a crept through the lounge, but shortly after stopped in his tracks when he heard a loud voice clearly say, “Jesus is watching you!” After lying low for a few moments and hearing nothing more, the burglar crept forward again. “Jesus is watching you”, the voice rang out again. The thief, now pumping with nervous adrenaline looked frantically around until he spotted a birdcage in the corner with a parrot inside. He nervously asks, “Was that you, who said Jesus is watching me?” “Yes”, said the parrot.  The burglar breathed a heavy sigh of relief, approaches the bird and asks, “What’s your name?”  “Ronald”, replied the parrot.”That's a stupid name for a parrot”, sneered the burglar, “What idiot names a bird Ronald?” Just as the burglar sensed movement from behind, the parrot said, “The same idiot who named our Rottweiler Jesus!”


Have a great month

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