by Paul Callaway August 01, 2017

August 2017 Watt’s News

August is usually one of the great times of the year as we start to come out of the coldest part of winter and get ready for spring, but this year I wouldn’t mind staying in hibernation just a bit longer. Not only is it still cold and the fog still like a thick soup at lunch time, my wife reminded me of a long standing bet I made with her about Carlton winning a Premiership before Richmond. Not only does it involve me buying a Richmond membership, but I’d have to barrack with the in-laws who I have done nothing but stir for as long as I can remember. Who would have thought she would not only remember a conversation that happened over 15 years ago, but use it against me.  It must be unheard of!


James is up on Blocks

As most of you know, James hurt his knee last year after flying like Air Jordan but coming back down more like Eddie the Eagle.  He is booked in for surgery this Friday, the 4th of August, and while we hope for a speedy recovery, it is an ACL operation, so we can expect him laid up for a bit.  In the mean time, I plan to visit those who need to see us and James will be in touch by phone to help out when he can. If you need anything urgently or in between my visits, please contact the office on (03) 9720.4864 or email


Limited Stock Left from Last month’s sale

The excess Thin Wall cable has just about been cleared out, however we do have some rolls left in a couple of the colors if you forgot to get some.  Please contact the sales staff for details and remember, while you might not need it today, it doesn’t go off sitting on your shelf and if you need it later and don’t have it. Well…..


Jay-Dee New Trading Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00a.m to 4.30p.m.As advertised,Please remember that our new trading hours commenced this week and our doors close at 4.30p.m. on weekdays and there is no longer any Saturday trading. 


New Cable Rack Available

We have found a great cable rack to help clean up the workshop or van, more details to follow shortly.


Joke of the Month

A woman and her husband were heading off on their overseas holiday of a lifetime when they were forced to detour to a dentist for a bad tooth ache. Not wanting to miss their flight, when they arrived at the dentist’s reception desk, the women says, "I need a tooth pulled, and I don't want Novocain or anything else that will slow us up, we’re in a hurry!" The dentist, overhearing the conversation, came out of his room and started to explain how much it would hurt without an anesthetic when the women interrupted, "Just extract the tooth as quickly as possible please, and we'll be on our way!" The dentist was quite impressed with her courage and says, "It’s not something I recommend, but if you think you can cope, let’s head to the rooms and get that tooth out."  As the dentist led the couple into his surgical room, he says, "Which tooth is it?" The woman turned to her husband and said, "Show him your sore tooth, dear."

Have a great month.

Paul Callaway
Paul Callaway

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Christmas Holiday Closure