April 2017

Watts News - April 2017

Watts News - April 2017

April 2017 Watt’s News

As there is no good football to speak of yet, Bloody Carlton, I thought I would give you a wrap up of the www.brighterdays.org.au.  In short, it was GROUSE! Our Cotton Ball ride to Bright had over 250 entrants in convoy, which raised in excess of $5000 on top of our sponsorship and raffle tickets. The number of people in Bright grew exponentially over the weekend with a crowd of 10,000 plus at the last night’s concert.  Bands played all weekend, with Chocolate Starfish stealing the show during the last night. Speaking to the locals, this is not only the biggest event in town each year, but by far the best run, most entertaining and most family friendly.  For those of you who watch HD-TV on 7Mate, the wrap up including the funds raised will be presented in the coming weeks.  Well done to those who donated and purchased tickets this year and hopefully even more of you can get involved next year.


Saturday Trading:

Just to give you all a heads up, Anthony will not be opening up on Saturdays after June this year so he can spend more time with his family and after doing the cost analysis, we have decided that we will suspend Saturday trading when he stops coming in.  We will keep the reminders coming, but ask that you start planning your orders so we can get them to you for your weekend work when the time comes.


James on a break:

James is spending some family time away until after Easter.  Between the two of us, we will get to you all by the end of the month, but not on the usual days, so if you need anything in the mean time please contact us on 9720 4864 or sales@jaydeeautocables.com.au  


Part 4 Diary of our Great China Adventures

Day 3, and after another 8 hours and 10k’s around the show, our feet were no match, even after the great foot massage from the night before.  The only saving grace was that James was pretty sure he could find the massage place again and we actually found some really good products today.  On the train home, which we found easily and James is claiming as a victory, we both agreed that a two hour walk to find a bar and restaurant was not on the cards tonight.  (Just so you know, the showroom door we happened to finish at lead straight to the train, and the station was at the end of the line, so we couldn’t go in the wrong direction, but who am I to rain on James’ achievement). So once we had freshened up in the pool at the hotel we decided to follow the well trodden path near the train station in the hope of locating somewhere close by to eat.  Everywhere we walked, we could smell spices cooking, but couldn’t find a restaurant for the life of us.  In the end after walking up and down the streets a few times, we realised that most of the restaurants consist of small rooms and kitchens out the back and above other retail shops.  That established, we walked into the first shop we saw and the pictures of cold beer and seafood at the top of some stairs made it an easy choice.  Using a menu of food photos, we chose dishes of mild and medium spices and it wasn’t until we were finished eating that we found out we had ordered bullfrog.  It tasted great and hopefully it doesn’t have a laxative affect, hey James!  Anyway, back to things I am allowed to mention; it was late night shopping all around us, so we checked out a few sports stores and also came across our favourite massage place before making our way back to the hotel.  Luckily, we hadn’t gone further than 2 full blocks for the night, so our legs got a well earned rest.  Just in case you missed it, that’s right, we are staying less than two blocks from the massage joint, not 4k’s.  That’s it!  Move over Swanson, I’m driving this ship.


Stay tuned for the next to last China Adventure instalment and have a great month

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