Watts News - March 2017

by Paul Callaway on March 01, 2017

March 2017 Watt’s News

What a beautiful month February turned out to be; the weather was great, everyone seemed busy and thanks to some of you who purchased tickets and those who took advantage of our www.brighterdays.org.au February raffle ticket giveaway, we have raised $2,800 on top of our initial sponsorship so far. The Raffle is drawn on Sunday the 12th of March, so while we are no longer buying your tickets this month, I still have some left over to sell.  With prizes of Harley’s and Kinchrome tools to win and only 2000 tickets printed, not only are the odds great, but because all money raised goes towards helping kids and funding research to for cures, this is a great chance to pay it forward.  So buy a ticket today, because every bit helps.


The major event we are sponsoring, ‘The Cotton Ball Run’, has already received approximately 100 online registrations for the convoy Ride/Drive to Bright and we expect as many as double that to sign up on the day. We are so proud to support this great foundation which is wholly run by a committee of volunteers and we encourage anyone who wishes to contribute to either go to the website www.brighterdays.org.au or to contact me, (Paul), at Jay-Dee’s for more information.  Time is running out to take part this year and I guarantee that after one look at these websites, you will wish you had.  All money goes to Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood: www.suca.org.au and DebRA Kids www.debra.org.au


Now back to work related matters, make sure you see the new product page on the back because no workshop or home garage will want to be without this great range, particularly at these prices!


Part 3 (Night 2) - Diary of our Great China Adventures

As you may remember, we were enjoying our first beer of the day in another bar because James couldn’t find the one from the night before. Using a translator app on James’ phone, we soon learned that they don’t serve food at this bar, so we stayed for a few more drinks while trying to get directions to a restaurant.  Another hour passed and we were no closer to eating, when the third customer of the day, (including us), came in.  This guy also had a translator App which gave us a two way conversation of sorts and some hope of getting directions.  After 30 minutes of imperfect “Siri” translations, our new friend got up and told us to wait for him to come back. As he left the bar, James and I ordered more drinks and laughed about the possibilities of what we were waiting for, but having been here for 2 hours already, our judgment might have been a little impaired anyway. When the guy returned, he carried bags of groceries and before we had a chance to upload the App to ask, he started cooking at our table on a portable Coleman stove. Over the next hour, we ate an entree of pickled duck’s tongue, which tastes as good as it sounds, followed by 3 courses of spicy meat soups that would have me eating Chinese food at home every night if I knew what it was we ate.  As it turns out, this guy was the chef from a local restaurant on his night off and he must have thought it would be easier to cook for us, rather than direct two hungry lost men to a restaurant.  So with full bellies and after paying what he thought was too much and we thought too little, we headed off in search of our hotel, finding it in a record of 4k’s and only 5 u-turns. James suggested he should hold on to Tour Director Status because while we might never find these places again, the adventure makes up for it.  If we hadn’t found the massage joint again, where we both had a well deserved foot massages to prepare us for the next day, I might have argued.  At least we now have 2 bars to find, so the odds are in his favour. 

 Have a great Month


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