Watts News - February 2017

by Paul Callaway on February 01, 2017

February 2017 Watt’s News

Hey everyone and welcome back to the real start of the year with our first full month with no public holidays and the kids finally all heading back to school. For those of you who normally get this via E-mail; we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the computer system where many statements have being disappearing into the ether. So for the time being, we will are relying on snail mail to ensure everyone gets their paperwork.  I hope it doesn’t inconvenience too many and we will try to rectify the problem in the shortest time.


As some of you may remember from March last year, I attended the Brighter Days Festival held up in Bright, Victoria in support of www.brighterdays.org.au.  While we don’t know anyone personally affected, after seeing what a great cause this is, Jay Dee’s decided to sponsor an event called the ‘Cotton Ball Run’ which is a motorbike and classic car convoy from Whittlesea to Bright.  The Cotton Ball Run is named after the DebRA kids who suffer from a very rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). This is a painful disease where the skin blisters and peels at the slightest touch and sufferers must be wrapped in cotton wool to protect their wounds.  There is no government funding for these families, so in an effort to raise even more money, we have the offer below this month instead of a sale.


Jay-Dee’s Pay it Forward deal: 

On top of our sponsorship, for anyone who spends in excess of $1000 (+GST) with us this month on a single invoice, Jay-Dee’s will purchase a $100 Raffle ticket in their name from the Brighter Days Foundation.  1st prize is a 2017 Harley Davidson valued at $39,990. Additional tickets are available on request for those who just wish to purchase them, but if you can’t help this year, please go to the website www.brighterdays.org.au  so you can see what it is all about, just in case you do something next year.  An emailed copy of the tickets for proof of purchase will be sent to those recipients.


Part 2 Diary of our Great China Adventures

When we last left off, we were back in the safety of our Hotel after a big day familiarizing ourselves to the area, if you can call it that and a 4’k night walk through the back streets of Shanghai.  The following day was the opening for the exhibition, so we were up early to catch the train.  Tour Director James got us to the station in one go, so things are looking up and after I worked out the ticketing system, we followed the MCG size crowd of people to the platforms.  If we were in Melbourne it would take hours, but over here, we were all on in less than 15 minutes.  It took me 7 stops before I realized James had us on the wrong train, so we got off and headed back in the right direction. James is still claiming he rarely gets lost, so in fairness, it was under ground and we’ll put it down to a rookie mistake. The trains are so fast, not much time was lost and when we arrived the size of the place was overwhelming.  Imagine 12 Melbourne Exhibition Sheds spread over three levels and you’re half way there.   We gained entry and after 7 hours and 10k’s which equated to 3 buildings worth, we decided our feet were cooked and headed for the train.  As James couldn’t find the train, I suggested we catch a Taxi instead. Hmmm.  Back at the hotel, we waded in the pool for a while to refresh our legs and then headed off to find the bar from the night before.  After another 2 hours of walking and James explaining we weren’t lost, he just wasn’t exactly sure where we were, we stumbled across another place that looked inviting.  We ordered beers and you’ll need to stay tuned for the next instalment.


Have a Great Month and don’t forget Brighter Days


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