Watts News - December 2016

by Paul Callaway on December 01, 2016

December 2016 Watt’s News    

Only 25 days until Christmas and finally we are having the promised warm weather, or at least you are, because no sooner did the sun come out, James and I went off in search of some new products in China, where it is winter.  We’re certainly not complaining about the weather though, because while it is cold, the Automechanica Exhibition is one of the largest shows of its kind and best of all, it is caters to our little corner of the industry.


Prior to leaving for China, we secured a great new deal to distribute Hyundai Battery Chargers.  These chargers are internationally recognised and cater to all vehicles including the European cars which have various requirements for when they are being serviced and when charging a low battery.  See our shop for more details and pricing.


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