Watts News - March 2016

by Paul Callaway on March 01, 2016

With the Labour Day public holiday and Easter also in March, our trading days have been cut short this month but on the bright side of less working days, not only do we get to spend more time with family and friends, we also get more time after Easter to drop the chocolate kilo’s before we find that dreaded winter coat. I’ve already lost 10
kilo’s this summer, but unfortunately I found them again. Going at this rate, I reckon I could lose 40 kilo’s this year and still weigh the same at the end.

Given that Easter falls on the 1st week of school holidays in March, James and I have decided to take advantage and spend a few extra days with our respective families up at the lake. So while it will be business as usual at the warehouse, thanks to our great team, there will be no free local delivery service for the last few days of March and our mobile phones will go to message bank, so if it is urgent, please call the sales team in the office.

H3555ET are back in stock. As you would be aware we have been using various replicas of the Utilux 6.3 quick connect terminal which didn’t slip into the housing as cleanly due to a manufacturing shortage, but thankfully we have got the real McCoy back with a promise of no further supply issues. So knowing TYCO you might
want to get in quick before they run out again.


Tycab made a bit too much of this cable in their last run and sold us the left over’s in 30 meter rolls for your convenience. This cable is the true 16mm2 version, tinned for marine application, but can of course be used as you like. So for this month, you can have more amps and more versatility for less than the standard copper 13.2mm2 version in any color you like, as long as it is black.

Part Number: SPECIAL – Description CM6-1-30 @ $80.00 each (+gst)


Joke of the Month.

The local fire chief heard the sound of a siren and looked out of the firehouse window to see what it was, when he noticed a little boy playing on the sidewalk. He had small ladders hung on the side of his little red wagon, a garden hose coiled up in the back and he was wearing a bright red fireman's hat. He even had a spotted Dalmatian tied to the wagon so that the dog could pull him along. The fireman thought this was really cute and decided to go out and tell the little boy what a great looking fire truck he had. As he did, he noticed that the dog was tied to the wagon by his testicles. The fireman said, "Son, I don't want to tell you how to run your fire company or anything, but you might want to think about tying that rope around the dog's neck and he might even pull you along faster." Maybe so sir," said the little boy, "but then I'd lose my siren!”

Have a Great Month


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