Watts News February 2016

Watts News - February 2016

Watts News - February 2016

Watts News - February 2016

Did you know that the Leap Year was introduced by Julius Caesar over 2000 years ago and that it was originally August as the shortest month, but because Caesar is thinking, who cares, I still have to work an extra day this month, but get this; before Caesar’s astrologers applied their math’s which still stands today, they used to add a 22 day month, every two years.  So on the 29th OF this month, when the extra day seems really long, remember that it could have been worse.  Now get back to work.

Speaking of getting back to work, James only got to see a few of you last month due to the holidays, but he is back on his normal timetable as of now, so please stock up on the coffee to help him get through and stock up on plenty of our products so you can have it there when you need it, like the good old days.

Closed Saturday the 6th of February:  Anthony has a family function down the coast this Saturday, so the doors will be closed this weekend.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

H1859 Splice Joiners:

As some of you would already know, the H1859 were made obsolete due to the MOQ last year.  We may see it make a comeback if negotiations go our way, but in the meantime we have sourced single bucket styles in a medium and large size to compliment our small H1527.  See over for pricing, pic’s and sizes.

During 2016 Jay-Dee’s will be trying to introduce many products to help keep up with the new vehicles, so if you come across something you haven’t seen before, please be sure to send us a photo sales@jaydeeautocables.com.au so we can try and chase it down.

Joke of the Month:

A guy was telling the barman his sad tale of divorce.  He said, “It all started when my wife and kids forgot my birthday.  I left the house that morning pretty upset and thought I would cheer myself up by ringing my parents.  We had a 10 minute conversation and not once did they mention my birthday.  I turned up to the work site and even my work mates forgot. I spent most of the day  dropping hints until it got too much and then I headed back to the office.  As soon as I walked in, the office girl says, “Happy Birthday Boss.” “I could have cried”, he says.  Then I tell her that no one else remembered and seeing how upset I was, she suggested that perhaps I could join her for a quick drink to celebrate before I went home.  When we arrived at her place she said that she had to go to the bathroom and would be back in a jiffy.  Then not two minutes later she comes through the door with a birthday cake, my wife, parents, children and mates, all yelling SURPRIZE!!!  While I waited there on the couch…….. Naked.

Have a good month and to Scott in the Traralgon area, this wasn’t really James either!  Ha!!

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