Weller Butane Soldering Irons


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  • Pyropen® Professional Cordless Butane Soldering Irons
  • Ideal for field service jobs
  • Lightweight and completely portable, ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Does not require cords, batteries or cartridges
  • Replacement soldering tips are available
  • Hot air nozzles are available for specific models
  • Refills with butane fuel - Weller® #WBR200
  • Please ring or email to purchase the following accessories:

    W70-37: Pyropen Sponge

    W72-14: Knurled Nut suits WSTA5 Tip

    W80-03: Tip Housing suits WPA2

    W82-04U: Burner suits WSTA5

    W82-07U: Ejector suits WSTA5

    W90-04U: Burner suits Pyro Pen MK2

    W90-07: Ejector suits Late WPA2

    W90-14: Knurled Nut suits WPA2 Tip

    WP70S: Solder Ejector suits WSTA3

    WP72M: Barrel Assembly suits WSTA3

    WPA-B: Burner suits early WPA2



    W72-01-02: 10mm CHisel Tip suits WSTA5

    W72-01-12: 4mm CHisel Tip suits WSTA5

    WPSI-4: 4.8mm Tip suits PSI100

    WPSI-5: 1mm Tip suits PSI100

    WPT-1: Taper Needle Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-2: 2mm Chisel Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-3: 2mm Spade Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-4: 3mm Spade Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-7: 0.5mm Square Pyramid Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-10: 1mm Offset Taper Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-11: 8mm Chisel Tip suits WPA2

    WPT-13: 5mm Chisel Tip suits WPA2