Open Barrel 90° Flag Crimper (IWS-05FL)


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Open Barrel 90° Flag Terminal Crimper

Ratchet hand crimper with 2 jaws to suit various 4.8mm to 8.0mm Brass Open Barrel 90° Flag terminals. (Does not suit Utilux old style flag).

Jay-Dee Part #:IWS-05FL

Pack Qty: 1

Brand: IWISS

Material: Hardened & Tempered Carbon Steel

Colour: Black with Orange & handles

Crimp Style: B Crimp (Roll In)

Suited For: Brass Open Barrel 90° Flag Terminals

Crimp Range: 4.8mm & 6.3mm

Type: Self releasing ratchet

Length: 223mm



Brass Open Barrel 90° Flag Terminal Crimping

H1191 90° Flag Terminal

H2723 90° Flag Terminal (Headlights)

Please note: Does not suit the Utilux H1145B 4.8mm Flag

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