Narva Rocker Switch "Winch In/Out" - 63238BL


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12/24V Mom (On)/Off/Mom (On) L.E.D Illuminated Sealed Rocker Switch with “Winch” Symbol (Blue)

Durable, sealed switch with two-way momentary ‘On’ positions designed for activating spool-in and spool-out functions of a winch system. Illuminated panel features laser etched symbol and text for quick identification.

  • Laser etched LED illumination
  • Non polarised and multi-voltage
  • Dust proof cover
  • Combine together with interconnecting mounting panels

Jay-Dee Part #:  N63238BL

Pack Qty:  1

Brand:  Narva 63238BL

    Switching Type: SPDT - Momentary Double Pole Double Throw

    Input Voltage: 12/24V

    Amperage Rating: 20A @ 12V or 10A @ 24V

    LED Colour: Blue

    Illumination: ‘Dash Light’ & ‘On’ illumination

    Mounting Type: Push fit with 6.3mm push on terminals

    Mounting Opening: 37.5mm x 21mm

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