Mini Relay Box 4 Way


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MTA - 4 Way Mini Relay Box

Designed to eliminate extensive and messy wiring this mini relay box is ideal for applications running up to 4 circuits.

  • Neat, professional appearance

  • For use with standard Mini Relays (4 or 5 Pin)

  • Transparent cover

  • All blocks can be interlocked by removing the feet and sliding them together

  • Also interlocks with BFB16 and RB7 relay holders

Voltage: Max 32V

Amp Rating: Max 120A total / Max 30A per circuit @ 12V

Terminals: 20 x 6.3mm QC

Mounting: M8 Screw x 4

Dimensions: L130.2mm x W89mm x H64mm 

Body: Black

Cover: Transparent, includes gasket.


Part #: RB4

Pack Qty: 1

Brand: MTA


Recommended Crimping Tools:





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