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LED Autolamps 101 Series (Twin Pack)
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  • Part #: LED101BAR2
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LED Autolamps 101 Series (Twin Pack)


LED Autolamps 101 Series Combination

  • Economical Combination Lamp
  • Inbuilt Reflector
  • 5 Year Warranty

Part #: LED101BAR2

Function: Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reflector

Size: 100mm x 100mm x 22mm

Voltage: 12V

LED Qty: 8

Cable: 40cm

IP Rating: IP67 (100% Waterproof)

Approvals: ECE Australian Road Approved

Material: Lens-Hardened Acrylic;  Base-Black ABS

Draw @13.8V: Stop - 0.13A; Tail - 0.04A; Indicator - 0.12A

Fitting Instructions:

Mount onto a flat surface vertically with indicator to the top using bolts in back of lamp.

Run wire and plug through 10mm hole in fixing surface. 

Please refer to ADR 13/00 for mounting standards.


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