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Voltage Sensitive Relay
Hard-To-Find Ignition Sources Are A Thing Of The Past With The New
Finding a suitable ignition source in modern vehicles can be a royal pain in the butt. At best it is difficult, time consuming and expensive, and at worst it can be disastrous as errors through backprobing or loading sensitive circuits in modern Canbus vehicles can cause critical damage to sensitive equipment and computers.

A few products have been developed to try and solve this problem, but these have been expensive and difficult to fit. Determined to provide a solution, the engineers at GSL Electronics have developed an easy to fit alternator sensing ignition source relay, or EasyAS for short.

Unique and patented technology embedded in EasyAS monitors electrical waveforms and can sense when an alternator is operating, and therefore indicate that the vehicle’s engine is running. This intelligence allows a simple relay switch to power all manner of electrical acesories in any vehicle without interfering with the original equipment wiring. All EasyAS requires is a positive battery current source.

Designed to fit into a standard four or five-pin relay holder, it can be fitted within minutes, in any small space under the bonnet or close to the accessory. The electronics are sensitive and dependable enough that it can be fitted at the rear of a car, trailer or caravan and provide a reliable ignition source signal without the need to run metres of additional cable.The GSL EasyAS is 12 or 24 volt compatible and will operate with all modern vehicles including those equipped with smart alternators. It also comes complete with Voltage Sensing Relay (VSR) and manual override modes to broaden the range of potential applications.

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