Hyundai Battery Charger - HSC1500

The HSC1500 is a exceptional lightweight battery charger with advanced digital technology to make sure your automobile's battery is always charged ready to go for your next adventure. the HCS1500 is able to charge 6 volts, 12 volts and 24 volts at 15 amps this unit also has been developed with a easily used digital display system. all the Hyundai Smart chargers come with short circuit protection and overheat protection.


Operation Voltage: 240V AC

Operation AC Frequency: 50 Hz

Charging Stages: 4 + 5 Stages

Charging Voltage: 6/12/24V

Max, Input Current: <2.5A

Max, Input Power: ≤280W

Max, Charging Power: 15A

Battery Capacity: 20 - 300Ah

Protection Class: IP20

Operation Temperature: 0 - 40°c


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