Fused Battery Distribution


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Fused Battery Distribution Terminal

Converts your positive battery post into three outlets with fuse protection. Perfect for 4WDs and caravans where multiple accessories or dual battery systems are in use.

3 way distribution
Makes a professional and practical installation for distributing power.

Fully insulated cap
Prevents accidental short circuits.

Fused power
Provides 3 fused outlets making it safe and easy to install auxiliary cable. (Fuses Included - Refer Specifications) 

Cal 2 fuse
Allows load of starter motor or winch, protects against direct short.

Cable not included

Jay-Dee Part #: MAF3P

Pack Qty: 1

Brand: Projecta

Midi Fuses: 2 x 32V 30A

CAL2 Fuse: 1 x 32V 150A continuous/800A max

Stud Size Midi Fuses: 4 x M5

Stud Size CAL2 Fuse: 2 x M8

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