Dual Step Medium Duty Open Barrel Crimper (IWS-511)


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Dual Step Medium Duty Open Barrel Terminal Crimper (IWS-511)

Medium Duty Open Barrel Crimper specially designed for medium sized open barrel & battery style terminals.

  • 2 Crimp Jaws ranging from 10 - 8 AWG (4 - 8mm²)

  • Ability to crimp open barrel terminals using 5mm Auto wire up to 8 B&S cable

  • Dual step dies crimp the copper wire and insulation sections of the terminal in one action

  • Longer handles for extra mechanical leverage

  • Great for terminals with larger than standard wire buckets or those with thicker material

Material: Mild Steel

Colour: Black with Blue handles

Crimp Style: Roll in

Suited For: Medium duty open barrel & battery style terminals

Crimp Range: 10 - 8AWG (4 - 8mm²)

Type: Manual, Hand

Length: 245mm

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