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Deutsch DTM Assortment Kit


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Deutsch DTM Assortment Kit

A range of assorted DTM series connectors, terminals and accessories.

Kit includes:

2 x DTM2P

2 x DTM2S
2 x DTM3P 2 x DTM3S
2 x DTM4P 2 x DTM4S
1 x DTM6P 1 x DTM6S
1 x DTM8P 1 x DTM8S
1 x DTM12P 1 x DTM12S
50 x Male Terminals 50 x Female Terminals
1 x DTMB Mount 10 x DTMCP Cavity Plugs
1 x 18 Compartment Container


Recommended Crimping Tools:

Open Barrel/F Crimp - IWS-1424A, JD61, JD62

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