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 Instrumentation Cables-Overall Screened, Multi Pair

Application: Internal and external inter-connections of electronic apparatus such as computer, intercoms, telemetering, signaling and alarm systems.
Conductor: Plain annealed copper wire.
Insulation: PVC V90HT or V75
Screen: Aluminum tape screen, polyester mylar tape lapping and 7/0.20mm tinned copper drain wire.
Sheath: PVC 5V-90 or 4V-75
Voltage: These cables are run with a 240V radial thickness sheath and must not be connected to mains power supplies.
Standards: AS1125 (conductor) AS/NZS 3808 (PVC)


Code Stranding No/mm No of Pairs Nom. O/D mm Nom Area mm2 Insu.Thick mm Sheath Thick mm Reel
C2SC7/.3 7/0.30 1P 5.8 0.5 0.5 0.8 100m
C2SC24/.2 24/0.20 1P 6.8 0.75 0.6 0.8 100m


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