PIC Joiners Krimp 'n' Seal


Red (100 Pack)
Blue (100 Pack)
Yellow (50 pack)

PIC Joiners Krimp 'n' Seal

Cable joiner, transparent heat shrinkable high density polyolefin. Adhesive lined

The internal adhesive of the heat shrink terminals bonds securely to both the terminal and the cable.

The combination of crimping, heat shrink and adhesive creates a level of strain relief not achievable with standard type terminals.

The shrink/adhesive combination also produces a seal that prevents moisture and dust getting into the back of the terminal.


Available in 3 sizes:

Red: 2.5 - 3mm Auto Size cable

Blue: 4mm Auto Size cable

Yellow: 5-6mm Auto Size cable

Pack Size: 50 or 100


Recommended Crimping Tools: 



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