Blade Fuse Holder Stackable



 Stackable Standard AF Blade Fuse Holder

These Fuse Holders for Standard AF Blade Fuses with are able to be stacked together to create a bank of fuses.

They can also be dovetailed with MRA3 and MRA6/K relay holders to create a bank of fuses and relays.

Kit includes: 1 x Body, 2 x Terminals (Terminals and  Transparent Cover also sold separately)


Part #: MRA3F

Pack Qty: 1

Brand: IKA

Voltage: 32V

Fuse Positions: 1

Materials: Black thermoplastic

Terminals: Tin Plated Brass Crimp Style (2-3mm² in kit)

Current Rating: 30A max load per circuit.

Cover: Splash resistant transparent cover

Total Dimensions:  No Cover - L36.0mm x W14.8mm x H36.0mm

                                With Cover - L36.0mm x W14.8mm x H42.0mm 


Spare Terminals also sold separately in two sizes:

Standard: 2-3mm²  (MRA3FT)

Large:      4-6mm²   (MRA3FTL)



Transparent Cover: MRA3FC


Recommended Crimping Tools:




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