PVC Loom Tape



PVC Loom Tape

Black Low VOC PVC adhesive looming tape.

19mm or 25mm Wide x 100mic Thickness x 20m long.


  • Excellent voltage insulation, elongation and flexibility
  • Flame retardant
  • Resistance to stress, chemicals and moisture
  • Temperature: -10 - 80

Jay-Dee Part #:TL19 (19mm) of TL25 (25mm)

Pack Qty: 1 x 20m Roll

Brand: Jay-Dee 

Material: Premium Plasticized PVC Film

Adhesive: Rubber

Temperature Resistance: -10°C to 80°C Flame Retardant

Colour: Black

Length: 20m

Width: 19.00mm or 25.00mm

Thickness: 100mic


Permanent wrapping on automotive wiring harnesses and cable

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