Electric Brake Controller


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12V Trailer Electric Brake Control

Part #:      XLE12

Pack Qty: 1

Brand:      GSL XLE-12

Features Include:

  • Compact size design for easy installation

  • Operates reliably even on roughest roads

  • Adjustable brake pressure via control knob

  • Suitable for single axle trailers

  • Easy connection, only four wires

  • Light weight aluminium heatsink construction

  • Can be mounted in any position

  • LED status indicator

  • XLE-12 Suitable for 1 or 2 Axles

* NOTE: Please check with your local transport authority to confirm that trailer mounted electric trailer brake controllers are permitted in your state.



Minimum Operating Voltage: 12V

Nominal Operating Voltage: 13.2V

Maximum Operating Voltage: 14.5V

No Load Currents (Brakes “Off”):8mA

Maximum Load Current:4.3Amps


Dimensions [LxWxH]: 95mm x 58mm x 30mm

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