Auto Blade Fuse Kit


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Standard Auto Blade Fuse Kit

 Jay-Dee's 47 piece Auto Blade Fuse assortment kit contains genuine high quality  ATO fuses as well as the added bonus of a (AFPTO) power take off.

The durable 10 way cases are made in Australia by Fischer Products.


You can even create your own kit upon request. Contact us for further information.




5 x 3A (AF3)                 5 x 5A (AF5)                 5 x 7.5A (AF7.5)                 5 x 10A (AF10)

5 x 15A (AF15)             5 x 20A (AF20)             5 x 25A (AF25)                   5 x 30A (AF30)

5 x 40A (AF40)



1 x power take off (AFPTO)

1 x 10 compartment box (AB10)