8 B&S Twin Sheath Battery Cable


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8 B&S Twin Sheath Battery Cable

Genuine Australian made TYCAB Twin 8 B&S battery and starter cable, ideal for use in dual battery systems, caravans or any other auxiliary power application up to 59.2 amp 

Part # Prefix: C2TS-8

Sheath Colours: Black, Red

Lengths: Cut by the metre to length required, 10m or 30m 


AMP¬†Rating¬†at ¬†30¬įC:59.2 amp (JASO D609 derating factors apply)

Tycab Code: AWC296032

Nearest AWG: 8

Strand #/Size: 96/0.32

Nominal Area: 7.71mm²

Insulation Thickness: 0.9mm

Sheath Thickness: 0.8mm

Electrical¬†Resistance¬†at 20¬įC: 2.4ohm/km

Nominal O.D.: 7.1mm√ó12.5mm

Mass (kg/100m): 22

Conductor: OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125

Insulation: V90 degrees Celsius PVC to AS/NZS 3808

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