6007 Series Connectors - 2 Way

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6007 Series Connectors - 2 Way Housings Only

Rated at up to 300V AC/DC, these compact connectors will withstand 1,500V AV/minute, and operate within a temperature range of -25°C to 105°C Polarised to ensure correct mating, a positive locking latch also automatically engages at mating, and the option exists for in line or hand fitted panel mounted installation Complete cell housing system fully covers and protects the contacts High reliability 2mm O.D. crimp contacts, are easily snapped into the housings by hand, covering a wide wire range up to 2.0mm² Maximum contact resistance is limited to 10 ohm. .

These connectors are commonly used in battery charger connections.

  • Jay-Dee Part #:  6007-RH02 (Male) or 6007-PH02 (Female)

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    Brand: Carroll