6 B&S Battery Cable - Twin Sheath




6 B&S Twin Sheath Battery Cable

Genuine Australian made TYCAB 8 B&S battery and starter cable, ideal for use in dual battery systems, caravans or any other auxiliary power application up to 82.4 amp*


Part # Prefix: C2TS-6

Sheath Colours: Black, Red

Lengths: Cut to length by the metre up to 30m and also available in 50m reels.


 * Refer Specifications and derating factors




AMP Rating at  30°C:82.4 amp (JASO D609 derating factors apply)

Tycab Code: AWC2168032

Nearest AWG: 6

Strand #/Size: 168/0.32

Nominal Area: 13.50mm²

Insulation Thickness: 1.1mm

Sheath Thickness: 0.8mm

Electrical Resistance at 20°C: 1.4ohm/km

Nominal O.D.: 8.8mm×16.0mm

Mass (kg/100m): 36

Conductor: OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125

Insulation: V90 degrees Celsius PVC to AS/NZS 3808


Derating Factors

Derating Factors for Ambient Temperatures °C per JASO D609

As the ambient temperature increases, the current capacity of the cable decreases as per the following chart.

Ambiebt Temperature °C = Derating Factor for Twin 6 B&S 

  • 30°C = 100% capacity (82.4amp)

  • 40°C = 90% capacity (74.16amp)

  • 50°C = 76% capacity (62.62amp)

  • 60°C = 60% capacity (49.44amp)

  • 70°C = 45% capacity (37.08amp)




  • Battery and starter systems

  • Dual battery systems

  • Caravans and 4WD's

  • Auxiliary power applications

  • Charging systems


Size Guide


Download Sizing Guide







Voltage Drop for Twin 6 B&S Cable: 

To calculate the voltage drop of Twin 6 B&S copper cable, use the following formula:


Voltage Drop = Length x Current x 0.017
                                      Area (13.50)


Length = Total length of cable in metres.

Current = Current draw (amps) through the cable.

Area = Cross sectional area of the copper (in this case 13.50mm²)



  • Formula only applies to copper at 25°C, voltage drop increases with both ambient and cable temperature, at approx 0.4% per °C.

  • 0.017 - This multiplication factor only applies to copper


Example for Twin 6 B&S:

How much voltage drop over 10m of Twin 6 B&S with a current draw of 82A?


  • 10m x 82A x 0.017 = 13.94


Divide this by 13.50 (cross sectional area of Twin 6 B&S - mm²)


  • 13.94/13.50 = 1.033V


You will have a drop of approximatley 1.03 Volts over the 10m length