Sumitomo 090 MT/HW Automotive Terminals


Sumitomo 090 MT/HW Automotive Terminals

Automotive terminal/contact used in 090 MT/HW [2.30mm] series Sumitomo Wiring Systems automotive harnesses, sealed, connectors and plugs. Commonly used in Japanese vehicles.

Tab Size: 2.3mm (090)

Male Dimensions: L23.5mm x W2.3mm x H2.0mm

Female Dimensions: L16.0mm x W3.0mm x H2.5mm

Applicable wire size: 0.3 - 1.25mm2

Cable overall diameter (mm): 1.4 - 2.9

Materials: Heat resistant copper alloy

Surface Treatment: Tin Plated

Used with Silicon seals


Pack Size: Multiples of 25


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