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Aluminium Sticky Clip
Aluminium Sticky Clip Sale price$8.80
Battery Terminal Protector
Braided Expandable SleevingBraided Expandable Sleeving
Braided Expandable Sleeving Sale priceFrom $27.65
Budget Fleece TapeBudget Fleece Tape
Budget Fleece Tape Sale priceFrom $4.65
Budget Rot Proof Tape
Budget Rot Proof Tape Sale price$6.50
Cable Tie - Dual ClampCable Tie - Dual Clamp
Cable Tie - Dual Clamp Sale price$2.75
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw DownCable Tie Mounts - Screw Down
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw Down Sale priceFrom $0.22
Cable Tie Mounts - Self AdhesiveCable Tie Mounts - Self Adhesive
Cable Tie Mounts - Self Adhesive Sale priceFrom $0.32
Cable Ties - BudgetCable Ties - Budget
Cable Ties - Budget Sale priceFrom $0.02
Cable Ties - Coloured
Cable Ties - Coloured Sale price$0.10
Cable Ties - PremiumCable Ties - Premium
Cable Ties - Premium Sale priceFrom $0.16
Cable Ties - Premium 360mm x 7.5mmCable Ties - Premium 360mm x 7.5mm
Sold out
Cable Ties - Premium 762mm x 7.6mm
Cable Ties - Premium WhiteCable Ties - Premium White
Cable Ties - Premium White Sale priceFrom $0.09
Cable Ties - Releasable
Cable Ties - Releasable Sale price$0.55
Cable Ties - Self Cutting
Cable Ties - Self Cutting Sale priceFrom $0.26
Cable Ties Push Fit
Cable Ties Push Fit Sale price$0.45
Cable Ties Screw Mount
Cable Ties Screw Mount Sale price$0.32
Chassis ClipsChassis Clips
Chassis Clips Sale priceFrom $1.10
Clear Storage BoxesClear Storage Boxes
Clear Storage Boxes Sale priceFrom $3.63
Conduflex Sale priceFrom $8.45
Conduflex Insertion ToolsConduflex Insertion Tools
Conduflex Insertion Tools Sale priceFrom $9.75
Conduit Hinged 'T' PiecesConduit Hinged 'T' Pieces
Conduit Hinged 'T' Pieces Sale priceFrom $1.40
Sold out
Crescent Glue Sticks
Crescent Glue Sticks Sale price$10.00
Curtain Track Lubricant
Curtain Track Lubricant Sale price$24.75
Double Sided TapeDouble Sided Tape
Double Sided Tape Sale price$10.50
Electrical Contact Cleaner
Electrical Tape - NittoElectrical Tape - Nitto
Electrical Tape - Nitto Sale priceFrom $2.55
Fleece Tape
Fleece Tape Sale price$10.55
Foam Tape
Foam Tape Sale price$38.00
Free It Penetrating Oil
Free It Penetrating Oil Sale price$19.05
Sold out
Gaffa Tape
Gaffa Tape Sale price$50.85
Gland Nuts
Gland Nuts Sale priceFrom $1.40
Sold out
Grommet Wiring Tool
Grommet Wiring Tool Sale price$41.80
Sold out
Hand SanitiserHand Sanitiser
Hand Sanitiser Sale priceFrom $8.80
Heat Shrink 2:1
Heat Shrink 2:1 Sale priceFrom $1.15
Heat Shrink Adhesive LinedHeat Shrink Adhesive Lined
Heat Shrink Adhesive Lined Sale priceFrom $11.95
Heat Shrink Assortment Kit 180mm
Sold out
Heat Shrink Assortment Kit 60mm
Heat Shrink Boxes 3:1Heat Shrink Boxes 3:1
Heat Shrink Boxes 3:1 Sale price$28.00
Heat Shrink Diesel Resistant
Heat Shrink End Caps
Heat Shrink End Caps Sale priceFrom $1.15
Heat Shrink Wall Rack
Heat Shrink Wall Rack Sale price$53.50
High Temp Loom Tape
High Temp Loom Tape Sale price$2.93
Sold out
Hole Plug Assortment Kit
Hole Plug Assortment Kit Sale price$47.00
Hole Plugs
Hole Plugs Sale priceFrom $0.18
Hook and Loop TapeHook and Loop Tape
Hook and Loop Tape Sale priceFrom $25.00
Insulating Heat Sleeving
Insulating Heat Sleeving Sale priceFrom $4.95
Sold out
Kale Hose Clamp Kit - WD9/12 SeriesKale Hose Clamp Kit - WD9/12 Series
Kale Hose Clamp Kit - WD9/12 Series Sale price$285.00 Regular price$347.50
Kale Hose Clamps WD12 Series
Kale Hose Clamps WD12 Series Sale priceFrom $24.40