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Watts News - July 2016

Watts News  - July 2016

July 2016 Watt’s News

As I write this, the election is coming up and as you read it, the election will have been run and won. All we can hope is that whoever wins can make good with their promises instead of having to make back room deals with the Independents like we have seen
for the past decade. If Labor wins we are apparently going to be smarter and healthier with education and health spending and if Liberal wins, we are all going to make more money with their company tax cuts. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could believe our politicians, because either way it sounds good to me, but as a mate’s dad always said, “Wish into one bucket, pee in another and see which one fills first!” Who knows, this time around our government might just surprise us and do something other than just
plan for the next election.


Last Chance to Choose Trace Cable Colors:

A few months ago we requested you all to put in a wish list of Trace Colors that you
regularly use or would like to use but can’t find, so we could get it made. We only heard from a couple of customers and are now in the process of getting an order ready, so if you want something but don’t tell us now, you might never get it. Please speak to the sales team or send a color wish list to

Watch out for our upcoming sales:

Over the next few weeks we will be having meetings with our main suppliers to see what products they are over stocked with as of the new financial year, so we can bring you some great deals in the coming months. Please keep a close watch on Watt’s News or speak to our sales team so you can take advantage of the great prices and products coming your way.

Have a great month

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