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Watts News - December 2017  

I went to the city a few weeks ago and thought it was bit early to be seeing Christmas advertising and now it seems like there’s not nearly enough time to get ready for it. There are presents to buy, parties to plan and meals to cook. On the other hand, there will be
parties to attend, presents to receive and many dinners to eat. This year I have split the responsibilities right down the middle with my wife.

All I hope is that she buy’s good presents, plans a great party and cooks the nicest meal, because I’ve RSVP’d to everything we’ve been invited to and could be in for a really tough month!


Merry Christmas for 2017

To all of our valued customers, on behalf of the Jay-Dee team I would like to wish you and your entire family a safe and happy Christmas. This has been my 10th year at Jay-Dee’s and I can’t remember a better one. Your continued loyalty and support makes it feel like we are all one big family and I look forward to many more years of helping each other out. I hope you all get the time to enjoy a well deserved break with your family and friends, because after all, that’s what it’s all about.


Christmas Closure Dates:

Warehouse: Midday Friday 22nd December – 8.00am Monday 8th January

Online Ordereing: Midday Friday 22nd December – 9.00am Wednesday 17th January

We are working up until Midday on Friday the 22nd of December and the warehouse re-opens again on Monday the 8th of January 2018. If you are working through and need additional stock, please order as early as you can in December to be sure you get what you need. 

Telephone:(03)9720.4864 or


Joke of the Month

A guy had only known his new girlfriend for three weeks, so he decided to buy her a pair of gloves for Christmas. A nice gift, yet not too personal. He took his girlfriend’s younger sister to the shops to help choose the size, and eventually buys a pair of white gloves. The sister decided to buy some underwear for herself, so while he waited, he wrote a note to attach to the present. He pays extra for gift wrapping and asks the sister to put it under their Christmas tree as he wouldn’t see his girlfriend until New Years Eve.

On Christmas day, the girlfriend finds the present and note under the tree. The note read: "I hope these fit, if it had not been for your sister, I would have chosen a bigger size, but she wears the smaller ones and they were easier to remove. These are a delicate shade, but the lady in the shop showed me a pair she'd been wearing on and off for the last three weeks and they still looked like new. I wish I could be there to help put them on for the first time because at this time of year, I’m guessing so many others will touch them before I get the chance. That being said, I would still really love you to wear them for New Year’s Eve.
See you then and have a Merry Christmas.

The moral of the story, wrap your own gifts and definitely don’t let them get mixed up!

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Paul Callaway
Paul Callaway

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