Open Barrel Crimper (IWS-1424B)


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Open Barrell Terminal/Seal Crimper

Heavy duty manual hand crimper to suit  Weather Pack and Metri-Pack as well as other sealed Open Barrell/Faston/F crimp style terminals with 5 jaws ranging from 14AWG - 24AWG (0.35 - 2.0mm²).

The double hinged feature make sure the jaws stay parallel and clamp straight.

Spring loaded opening for ease of operation.

Jay-Dee Part #:IWS-1424B

Pack Qty: 1

Brand: IWISS

Material: 4.0mm Mild Steel

Colour: Black with Orange & Grey handles

Crimp Style: Roll in

Suited For: Open Barrell/Faston/F Crimp Terminals

Crimp Range: (0.35 - 2.0mm²) 14-24AWG

Type: Spring Loaded Manual

Length: 195mm



Open Barrell/Faston/F Crimp Terminal Crimping

Suits Molex, Delphi,AMP/Tyco, Harley, PC/Computer, Automotive, Weather Pack, Metri-Pack 150 & 280, Super Seal 14-24 AWG

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