Narva Ultima LED H4 - 18004

ULTIMA LED H4 Performance Globe Kit

A direct replacement for H4 Halogen globes, the Ultima LED globes offer the added benefits of a bright, white light output (2000 Lumens per globe), coupled with long life performance of over 30,000 hours, which makes the globes unlikely to ever need replacing over the life of a vehicle.

Each globe pack also contains a bonus two L.E.D T10 wedge park globes, providing buyers with a crisp white look across the entire headlight unit at no additional cost.


  • Jay-Dee Part #:LEDH4

    Pack Qty: 1

    Brand:Narva 18004

    Box Contents:

    2 x H4 LED Globes

    2 x External Drivers

    2 x T10 LED Globes


    Off Road Use Only