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by Paul Callaway on March 01, 2017

New Products of the month

While WOLFCHESTER has been around for a while on the international scene, we have just learned of their quality products and thought you should benefit from our new knowledge.


The Curtain Track Lubricant has a number different applications than the name suggests, including being great for Electric Window Tracks, Hinges, Slide, Locks and almost anything else that needs smooth movement for its operation. It is long lasting, reduces roller wear and is specially formulated for minimising dust accumulation.   

Curtain Track Lubricant: Part No. TAUS320TDE @ $24.75 per 350g can



The Penetrating Oil does exactly what it says on the can, ‘Free-it’.  It is great for a general lubricant while it is specifically made to get through rust and loosen those nuts and bolt that have become bound over time.  It meets and exceeds OEM service requirements, so simply spray it on and let it do its job.

Penetrating Oil (Free-it): Part No. TAUS340PO @ $17.05 per 340g can



The Battery Terminal Protector provides prolonged protection against acid build up, especially after cleaning with the blue-dyed product leaving a protective film to ensure great electrical connection. 

Battery Terminal Protector: Part No. TAUS140BTP @ $20.90 per 140g can


Please note that these products are only availble in store due to Dangerous Goods shipping restraints.



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